Mt. Zion Baptist Church

''A Church Built on a Solid Rock''

Through the years, studies have shown that history tends to repeat itself. Our present lives and behavior are directly influenced by events from the past. This church has stood the test of time for over a century. Is is with pride and thanksgiving that we pause to reflect on our church heritage and accomplishments as we aim to venture into another year. We give thanks and praises to God, for we know that it is He who is responsible for out existence and for our well being, and not we ourselves.

Although there are some silent years in the early times of our church history, due to incomplete or missing records, Sis. Lillian Fowler, a former member has been instrumental in researching and maintaining much of our heritage as we know it today. In addition to her efforts, our church clerks have endeavored to further maintain and update these historical records year to year.

According to our records, Mt.Zion MBC was organized in July 26, 1888 in the home of Brother and Sister Holman Ingram on the Tom Collins place. Organizing pioneers included, Brother Tom Parker, Sister Parlee Parker, Brother Toshanson and Bro. and Sis. Joe Cobbs.

Rev. A.D. Dolphus served as the first pastor and Bro. Frank Skinner was the first Sunday School Superintendent. The first stone was laid in the early 1920's under the pastoral leadership of of Rev. A.L. Higgins. The second stone was laid in 1956 while Rev. Albert King was pastor. The original church building was remodeled four (4) times, the last of which was in 2001. That sanctuary sctructure was demolished and a completely new structure (which is our current building) was erected in 2006. The first worship service in this building occurred on February 2, 2006, and the formal dedication service was held on February 26, 2006.

During our 128 years, God has blessed us with 27 very diligent pastoral leaders. Each in their own way played a significant role in our progress and our present status. Our current pastor is Rev. Darrell J. Martin assisted by three (3) associate ministers, and four (4) deacons. We have several faithful member here at Mt. Zion. We are truly blessed and we thank God for our blessings.

Of course, we think out structural church building is a beautiful place and we'll strive to hard to keep it that way. But, thanks to the wise teaching of those giants before us whom we call our Mt. Zion forefathers and mothers, we realize that the "real" Mt. Zion Church is a band of organized believers that dwell and worship within this building - submerged in the love of Jesus Christ and striving daily to do the Lord's work.